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Expert Cisitala Appraisals

Dennis Mitosinka has significant experience appraising Cisitala vehicles. Dennis knows the issues common to Cisitala , he understands the market for them, and has a good feel for what Cisitala vehicles will bring on the open market. Dennis has appraised over 6,000 luxury, classic & exotic vehicles since 1970, covering over 300 different marques, including the Cisitala list below. You can trust his impartiality, experience and knowledge of the Cisitala brand to provide you with a written, authoritative and trustworthy appraisal for your Cisitala vehicle. His opinions are trusted and respected by insurance companies, classic car collectors, other professional appraisers, law enforcement agencies, and courts of law. Start by calling Dennis for a free preliminary conversation about your needs.

185c Coupe

An Expert Knows What to Look For.

Dennis is intimately familiar with the unique attributes of each marque of luxury, exotic or classic vehicle, giving you unmatched peace of mind.

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